Dreaming of… Glitter heels!

There’s not much time left before we’re in 2009 and that means only one thing: New years eve! Personally I can’t get enough of glitter and glam for that one night of the year and these heels are as made for that night. Personally I like the ones from Nine West the most – I like that they’re closed at the heel, but have the peep-toe holes.

Dreaming of... Glitter heels!


Dreaming of... Glitter heels!

Nine West

Dreaming of... Glitter heels!

Christian Louboutin


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  • Anonymous

    I like the shoes from nine west! are they selling them anywhere because I have not seen them. How much to they cost?!

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  • Love these shoes and I have to say that the Topshop ones are my favs!

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