Good news: Multimedia designer as a bachelors degree

Outfit of the day # 23

Outfit of the day # 23

I’m so baaaad…. I just did some “cleaning” of my phone and found this picture/outfit that I forgot to post here. It’s from the first weekend in february and this was my outfit for the semester-start party at my new school. Sorry for the shitty quality, but my camera ran out of batt so I had to take the photo with my phone. I promiss I’ll take a better picture next time I have this dress on.

I’m wearing:

Black lace dress from
Black tights from H&M
Black gladiator heels from Primark
Silver ring, gift from Mr. Boyfriend
Dark purple nail polish from H&M, colour: Bad Temper

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Good news: Multimedia designer as a bachelors degree