Outfit of the day # 24

Sunday Shoes # 2

Sorry for the delay on my “Sunday Shoes # 2” but I borrow my camera to a friend and didn’t get it back until really late last night! Last time I got some comments and e-mails from some of you that where asking me to make my Primark-gladiators my next “Sunday Shoes”… and I keep my promiss so here they are – Sunday Shoes # 2!

Next sunday I’ll be in Milan, Italy so “Sunday Shoes # 3” will also be a day late. Sorry!

Sunday Shoes # 2Bought: On Ebay UK
Brand: Primark
Bought in which year: 2009
Size: UK 7
Colour: Black with gold studds
Height of heels: 12 cm / 5 inches
Price: The retail price is 15 £ (130 DKK / 22 $ / 18 ?) in Primark stores, but I paid over-price on Ebay (27 £)

I was in love the minute I saw this heels. I love their cool, raw and sexy look. I’ve already worn them several times and I know that I’m gonna wear them even more. These babies are here to stay!

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Outfit of the day # 24