In love with pink Chanel handbag

Outfit of the day #27

I love spring for several reasons. Of course because of the weather – I like that it’s getting warmer. I love my summer wardrobe more than my winter wardrobe and I love that all the trees are getting green again. And I love icecream. My favorite place in Odense is a small place that makes the best italian icecream (those italians really know how to make that stuff!). It’s called Il gusto (which means “I like/love”) and it’s placed in the center of the city near the walkingstreet (it’s in Vindegade). The place is closed durring the winter but it opens in march. I went there today and got my first two scoops of icecream from the place this year, but they’re most definitely not the last ones. I don’t get why people go to ParadisIS when they can have the italian stuff instead.

Here’s my outfit from today + icecream:

Outfit of the day #27
Outfit of the day #27

I’m wearing:
Dress: White dress with short sleeves from H&M
Leggings: Dark denim leggings from Pieces
Jacket: Short denim jacket from
Bag: Small black fringe bag from Zara
Shoes: Black gladiator heels from Primark
Sunglasses: Big brown sunglasses from H&M

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In love with pink Chanel handbag